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Archive of Liberalism

Today's Liberalism is the result of a complex and informative development. The result of a long history reflected in numerous documents. The Archive of Liberalism has the job of collecting and analysing this material and making it accessible to the general public.


Posters, files, photographs and literature:

the archive's treasures!


No matter whether you're doing scientific work or just want to browse around out of personal interest, the archive will quickly prove to be a genuine treasure trove. You're welcome to use what the archive has in stock:


files of the different post-war regional and zonal liberal organisations in the period before the FDP (Freie Demokratische Partei) was founded;

The complete documentation of all national party conferences, all federal party executive committee meetings and all federal executive board meetings plus all the documents relating to special committees and commissions of the FDP;

files of the liberal party factions in both the Bundestag (national parliament) and the Länder (regional parliaments);

the personal estates of many great liberals such as Thomas Dehler;

newspapers and magazines of past liberal history;

more than 4000 posters;

numerous photographs;

leaflets from 150 years of liberal history


You're sure to find what you are looking for on the philosophy and history of liberalism and on its day-to-day activities.


Stocks in Progress


An archive is never complete. Even the most unimportant document can provide valuable information for research purposes. This cellar or that attic may still hold a hidden treasure. If you have material, be it photographs, leaflets, letters or books, please let us know. Please help us to round off the picture on one of the most important political movements.


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How to reach us in Potsdam